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Customer Care Support Services

AVI-SPL’s team of trained and certified professionals is available 24/7 to answer your need for technical support, parts replacement, and equipment repair. If the situation calls for an onsite consultation, AVI-SPL has offices and partners around the world ready to help with any video communications support needs.

With our Unify ME® Customer Care Program, you receive the hardware and software support your video communications system needs, tailored to your company’s unique environment and processes. We strive for your maximum return on your investment while minimizing your total cost of ownership.

The Customer Care Program covers all shapes and sizes of systems, with three tiers of contract options: One-Year Warranty, Preferred and Onsite.

As you explore the tabs in this section, you’ll read about the practical impact our services have had for clients, and the range of our Customer Care options.  If you have any questions about what you’ve read or need support for your business, call us at 866-588-6857 or click on the contact form.

Customer Care Program

*Advanced parts replacement and warranty repair subject to manufacturer policies and programs
Feature 1 Year Warranty Preffered Onsite
Service Level Guarantee
Unlimited Technical Phone Support (8 to 8ET M-F)
Priority Help Desk Queue
Advanced Parts Replacement/Repair on Select Equipment*
Warranty Parts Repair/Replacement*
Software Updates and Upgrades
Escalation Support
Onsite Service/Response
Online Service Portal
Annual Business Review



Customer Care Components

Through our Unify ME® Customer Care Program, we provide you with the hardware and software video conferencing support your solutions require for maximum uptime. AVI-SPL safeguards your investment and environment with our 24/7 global help desk, software update and upgrades, warranty, and parts repair and replacement.

  • Unlimited technical phone support – provides the technical assistance you need during extended business hours.
  • Priority help desk — fast-tracks your calls to provide a quick and effective response.
  • Advanced parts replacement — advance ships replacement parts the next business day from the manufacturer once defective product has been identified.
  • Parts repair — fixes or replaces defective equipment. Repairs can be done at the customer site or at AVI-SPL.
  • Software updates and upgrades — help ensure all your equipment is kept up to date with the latest features.
  • Escalation support — provides management of escalating issues with manufacturers to resolve open items.
  • Onsite service/support –  sends our certified technical personnel to your site when an issue cannot be addressed remotely.
  • Annual or quarterly business reviews — assesses your open cases and needs from the previous  period and discusses future plans of expansion or changes.
  • Online service portal — keeps you up to date with easy access to information on open trouble tickets and their status.

Customer Care Program Upgrades


This optional package can be added to the Preferred or Onsite programs. For companies that require additional support, including live help assistance on weekends and holidays, this selection provides exceptional value.

Exclusive Coverage Option Adds
Unlimited Technical Phone Support
Dedicated CSR and CSE Team
Version Control
Add/Move/Change Management
Account Reporting and Trend Analysis
Quarterly Account Reviews
2 hrs Remote Admin Training

  • Version control manages and maintains your software to assure consistent functionality and performance. This is a scheduled and coordinated service to ensure equipment access will not disrupt use by end users.
  • Add/move/change management accommodates the addition, relocation or other changes made to your devices and infrastructure.
  • Account reporting and trend analysis provides reporting of trouble tickets, call statistics, RMA history and more.
  • Quarterly account reviews with your CSR/CSE team lets you discuss with us any open issues or needs.

First Call Consolidation

Time is a precious commodity in any business environment. Wasted time means inefficiency, and that leads to lost revenue. Instead of trying to connect with various technical support groups, you simply call the AVI-SPL help desk and we coordinate with the manufacturer on your behalf.

First Call Consolidation Adds
Unlimited Technical Phone Support
Single Number for All Support
Mfg Support Logistics
International Location Support
Legacy Support Contract Logistics


  • Provides a single help desk resource for a customer with multiple support contracts.
  • Handles the logistics of domestic and international service calls.

Preventive Maintenance

Through scheduled visits, AVI-SPL’s qualified technicians will check on the operational health of your equipment and remedy any situations that require attention. We will clean or replace Filters, screens and/or replace bulbs if needed and make adjustments where required.

*Remote Alarm Response available with AVI-SPL VNOC® Managed Services offering.
Preventative Maintenance Adds
Scheduled Maintenance Visits
Dedicated CSR and CSE Team
Test System Functionality
Clean/Replace Filters and Screens
Replace Bulbs (if applicable)
Adjust Alignments
Check Logs (if applicable)


  • Provides a single help desk resource for a customer with multiple support contracts.
  • Handles the logistics of domestic and international service calls.

Case Stories

Customer Care Case Stories

A backbone of support is essential for companies that have made the bold move to integrate new technology into their operations. We share stories of our support for organizations, and how being proactive is the best defense against costly downtime.

A Tech Retailer Focuses on the Experience While AVI-SPL Maintains the Environment

As a technology maker began opening retail locations across the country, they needed a reliable, experienced, national partner who could provide the managed services needed to ensure the uptime of the complex digital video wall displays in their stores.

The retailer turned to AVI-SPL to ensure the continuous operation of the digital media displays in all their retail locations. What started with a handful of stores, is today more than 30 stores connected to the AVI-SPL video network operations center (VNOC) with many more slated to come on line.

The interior of each store is wrapped by video wall made up of 30 to 40 2×2 matrices of thin-bezel, high-definition, NEC LCD displays. Content, created and managed by the retailer, streams from servers to the displays over fiber using Crestron DigitalMedia® solutions. A 103-inch Panasonic plasma display outfitted with a U-Touch overlay invites customers to touch and explore products.

AVI-SPL is the first line of support for the digital media display system as soon as a store opens. To ensure up-time, AVI-SPL maintains an in-store inventory of critical spares, providing a hot-swap kit to replace defective hardware if needed. Two off-site spares depots are maintained at strategically positioned locations.

With AVI-SPL proactively providing high-level, managed, support services, the retailer is able to focus on providing the best possible customer experience.

Media Library

Customer Care Media Library

Learn about the breadth and depth of our support services to organizations like yours. Here, you’ll find the complete list of our Customer Care offerings, as well as our Customer Care Plus upgrades for companies that require additional support, including live help assistance on weekends and holidays.